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Business Auto Insurance

Any vehicle used for business operations that includes, but not limited to: transporting merchandise or door-to-door services, delivering goods (wholesalers) or food (pizza), and selling food (taco truck) or running company errands. Any employees driving the company’s vehicle even if it’s to commute to and from work, are required to be insured under commercial auto. At TransGlobal P&C insurance agency, we offer business auto insurance that is considerate of your business and budget.

What’s the difference?

Similar to personal auto insurance, commercial auto mainly covers the liability and physical damage for vehicles. However, unlike personal automobiles, commercial vehicles are not covered by a personal auto policy. That doesn’t mean commercial auto insurance only applies to non-private passenger vehicles. The usage of the vehicle ultimately determines whether it qualifies for personal or commercial auto insurance.

Commercial auto policies tend to offer higher liability limits. They also have coverages such as hired non-owned where the policy can cover vehicles rented by the business or cover employees’ driving their own personal vehicle for business operations.

We can Help

If you are using your personal auto for your business operations, having the right coverage and advice is a must. TransGlobal P&C Insurance Agency is here to help. Give us a call today to review your current policy and to ensure you have the right protection!



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