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California Umbrella insurance coverage

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Umbrella Insurance

There are so many things that you and your family are involved in these days. Maybe you fish and hunt for fun and to help provide food for your California household. Perhaps you volunteer at your church or your local food pantry or women's shelter. Maybe you coach kids sports or sell crafts at a local flea market. Did you know that all of these activities can expose you to liability lawsuits if someone should become injured or someone's property is damaged as a result of your actions? This could be a car accident while you are driving people to church or someone tripping on an extension cord at your craft booth. In most cases, your homeowners and auto policies won't cover these types of incidents. That's where an umbrella insurance policy can be helpful.

What is an umbrella insurance policy?

An umbrella insurance policy offers protection against financial loss due to a liability lawsuit. This type of insurance provides funds to settle or defend a liability lawsuit or provide medical payments if someone is injured or someone's property is damaged because of your actions (or negligence) while you are doing one of these activities outside your home or work. Because most of us don't have thousands of dollars sitting around in the event of such a lawsuit, an umbrella policy could prevent you from losing your home or your retirement savings. One umbrella policy from TransGlobal P&C Insurance Agency insures you for all covered activities.

To learn more about umbrella insurance policies and how this type of policy can help your family, contact TransGlobal P&C Insurance Agency. We are committed to keeping you and your family protected from financial loss, even in these uncertain times.



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