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Commercial Property Insurance

We know the time and energy you put into making your business a successful one. Unfortunately, some risk and events are unavoidable. The best way to protest your business is to prepared and protect your valuable asset, TransGlobal P&C Insurance Agency are here to help!

You property may damages or destroy by unexpected events like fire, accident, and natural disaster. Commercial property insurance may protect your property by covered cause of loss like fire, explosions, burst pipes, storms, theft and vandalism. Which is why every business will need commercial property insurance regardless if you are the owner of the building or business. It will protect your building, tenant improvements and betterments (TIB), and the content inside the building, such as, computer, furniture, equipment, and your business inventory. It’s worth exploring the options available to you with a business property insurance policy, as they may cover risks you hadn’t thought of.

We’ll work together with you to determine the Commercial Property Insurance coverages that will best suit your needs. Don’t wait! Give us a call now!


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