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Featured Business Owners Policy

Business Owners Policy

Business owners face many tough challenges when running a business. Knowing the correct type of insurance coverage to purchase can be a headache in itself. That is why a business owners policy (also known as BOP) was designed to offer multiple coverages combined into one policy. For small business owners this might just be the right product you’re looking for. Understanding each coverage can be confusing which is why TransGlobal P&C Insurance Agency is here to make the process a little easier for you once you know all your options.

A business owners policy provides mainly 2 coverages – liability and property insurance. Liability would cover the business owner being sued if a customer slipped and fell on the business’ premises. Business property including equipment, inventory, and even office furniture are all covered under the property from losses caused by theft, fire, vandalism, etc.

Importance of BOP

The two major losses all business owners face when filing a claim are – loss of property and liable to pay other party for physical and personal injury. A business owners policy will provide both coverages bringing peace of mind to at least two issues business owners face. There are also additional coverages that might be important to you that specifically pertain to your business.

Give us a call to discover the specific type of business owners policy insurance coverage you need for your unique situation.



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