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California Renters insurance coverage

Renters Insurance

It is a smart move to acquire a renter’s insurance policy, especially when you are moving into a new apartment. This insurance coverage offers you protection against financial losses that may arise from theft, water back up damage, natural calamities, and much more. It is the smart choice to research renter's insurance. It can help you cover some of the risks which are not quoted in your landlord’s policy.

At TransGlobal P&C insurance agency, we offer renters insurance that is considerate of your lifestyle and budget. So, wherever you are, we got you covered. State laws have not made renters insurance compulsory. However, some landlords may make it mandatory to acquire before you live in their buildings. We highly recommend that you at least look into one as there is no guarantee that your landlord's policy will cover your personal property. If you are settled on obtaining renters insurance, you should take note of the following factors. We use them in determining renters' insurance rates.

  • The location of the rental property
  • The choice of your coverage, personal property and the liability protection you would like to be covered by the policy
  • You should also be considerate of the amount of money you want to pay. It should resonate with the value of the property you wish to the policy to cover.

The amount of money one pays as a premium varies, and this depends on several factors. These factors include where you live, the kind of coverage you want your policy to cover, and much more. A renter’s insurance policy will provide you protection for the damage caused by vandalism, fire, rain, and wind. Damage caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes will require an additional plan. TransGlobal P&C insurance is ready to answer your questions about renter’s insurance. For more information on renter's insurance, contact our office to speak with an agent and get a quote.

Standard Coverages

Helps protect your personal belongings, like couch, flat-screen TV, tablet, and other items from covered losses.

If you can’t live in your rental unit while it’s being repaired or rebuilt after a covered loss, additional living expenses help pay the cost of temporary housing.

This type of coverage protects you in certain situations if you’re held legally responsible for damage caused to someone else’s property. If a guest is injured while visiting you in your home, they’re covered, too! You and your family are protected against bodily injury, property damage claims, and litigation.

Medical payment cover for medical expenses of someone else accidentally injured on your property.

Optional Coverages

Did you know there’s an optional coverage that pays for the cost of restoring your identity if it’s stolen? You can also reduce your risk by learning how to prevent identity theft.

Some high value items like stamps, silverware, coins, fine art, jewelry, and other collectibles require special protection. Scheduled items you specify are protected by an agreed dollar amount.

We can help you by selecting a settlement of covered personal property losses based on replacement cost at the time of loss, with no deduction for depreciation. The coverage is subject to applicable policy limits and deductibles and special limits apply to certain items such as jewelry, fine art, furs, silverware.

Please contact us to discover the renters insurance coverage you need for your unique situation.


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